Photo of Cross Cut Canal fish seining efforts
Fish surveys in Cross Cut Canal, Idaho

Ecosystems Research Institute

Ecosystems Research Institute is a multidimensional firm specializing in environmentally sound solutions to the challenges confronting our energy, commercial, and natural resources. Our academic background, innovative approach, and scientific integrity has been satisfying clients from Quebec to Hawaii since 1981.

Since that time, Dr. Vincent A. Lamarra has led ERIís accomplished team of professionals and associates through the complicated aspects of environmental assessment and monitoring activities, mitigation design and implementation, environmental chemistry, natural resource management, and regulatory compliance. Our highly qualified, multi-disciplinary staff are masters in the empirical assessment of aquatic and terrestrial environments and are extremely well-versed in aquatic and terrestrial ecology, wetlands delineations, fisheries and wildlife biology, environmental engineering, soil science, hydrological and biological modeling, GIS analysis and data management.