Commercial and Residential Development Services

Federal, state, and local laws continue to shift more responsibility on current landowners or lessees for their property's hazardous materials. Clients depend on ERI to provide them with the environmental liability information necessary to make decisions about current or future property management, acquisition, or monitoring. In addition, strong demand for residential housing has lead to stringent standards for both large-scale and small-scale residential development. ERI specializes in designing "Eco-friendly Communities" that address development needs without sacrificing environmental assets that enhance an area's quality of life. Our commercial and residential development services include:

  • Phase I site assessments and due diligence studies
  • Phase II subsurface investigations
  • Remediation management and oversight
  • Property condition assessments
  • RCRA, UST, and other industrial facility closures
  • Expert witness and litigation support services
  • Environmental Design, Compliance, and Permitting
  • Feasibility Studies