Laboratory Services

Water Quality Analysis

AnalyteMethodMDLFeeHolding Time

Ammonia-NitrogenEPA 350.30.007 mg/L$25    28 days
Biochemical Oxygen Demand (5-day)EPA 405.11 mg/L$32    6 hours
ConductivityEPA 120.11 µmhos$11    28 days
Nitrogen, Nitrate-NitriteEPA 353.30.003 mg/l$20    24 hours
Nitrogen, NitriteEPA 354.10.0002 mg/L$18    48 hours
pHEPA 150.1$11    none
OrthophosphorusEPA 365.20.001 mg/L$18    48 hours
Total PhosphorusEPA 365.20.002 mg/L$23    28 days
Total Dissolved SolidsEPA 160.139 mg/L$15    7 days
Total Suspended SolidsEPA 160.21 mg/L$13    7 days

Minimum Billing
Minimum fee for service is $25.

Field Sampling Charge
Field sampling by our personnel is $100 per trip.

Weekend Setup Fee
BODs requiring setup on weekends will be charge an additional $35 per weekend.

Courier Service
Samples sent out for analysis at another lab will be charge a $26 service fee per sample group, plus the cost of analysis.

Credit Terms
Terms are net 30 days, after which time 1.5% per month (18% APR) service charge will be added to all unpaid balances.

Sample Acceptance
Samples will be accepted Monday through Friday, 9:00 - 3:00. Samples should be kept on ice and delivered as soon as possible after collection. Please call ahead to arrange for sample bottles. Rush services are available at higher cost.

Ecosystems Research Institute is certified by the state of Utah for CWA and SDWA analysis parameters.